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Life is a Zafari Nicotine Pouches

The team behind Zafari has a wonderful outlook on life that emphasizes the importance of having fun. An outlook that White Pouches share and also something that we believe is mirrored in the products’ uniqueness, quality and playfulness. Zafari’s products are inspired by the oceans, surfboards and the proximity to the four elements. The cans are certified and manufactured using the remaining tall oil from the paper industry. Fun, fresh and innovative sum up Zafari’s range of flavours. We highly recommend Zafari Nicotine Pouches for a little extra fun during your day :)

What is Zafari?

Zafari all-white pouches were created by a group of Swedes who shared a passion for the outdoors and nature. They founded the company Zafari Life, based in Ramlösa, with a strong focus on making their products and processes as environmentally friendly as possible.

With this in mind, they came up with the brilliant idea of using leftover pine oil from the paper industry to make their cans. The result? Zafari is ISCC-certified and contributes towards reducing global carbon dioxide emissions.

Their innovative and nature-loving streak doesn’t stop with their cans. They have developed some very interesting flavours, designed to transport you to the outdoors and take you on a wild adventure.

When you try the Zafari nicotine pouches, you will discover that the flavours are all well-rounded and expertly crafted. After tucking the pouch under your lip, you will taste it almost instantly and it lingers long enough for you to enjoy the full journey.

What are the top flavours of Zafari?

The electric flavours of Zafari snus are one of the top hallmarks of this company. Each flavour created by Zafari is carefully crafted to evoke a specific experience. Here are some of their most mind-blowing flavours:

'Desert Mint' takes you from the hot sand of the desert dunes to surfing the freezing ocean waters, with an icy mint punch.

'Sunset Mango' transports you to a tropical beach, with the waves lapping the beach while watching the sun go down. What better flavour could match this scene than juicy mango?

The flavour of 'Sauna Tar' is just as intriguing as the name. With smoky notes of wood, it’s a flavour inspired by the Scandinavian appreciation of steamy outdoor saunas.

'Red Sea Orange' is inspired by kite surfing on the Red Sea. Pop this pouch under your lip to savour the sweet zingy notes of a fresh blood orange picked directly from the tree.

What are the strengths of Zafari?

All the exciting flavours of Zafari come in three different strengths. The lighter pouches, also suitable for newbies, contain 4 mg of nicotine per pouch. At the other end of the spectrum, we have the strong pouches with 10 mg of nicotine per pouch for a serious kick. For something in-between, Zafari also created all-white pouches with 6 mg of nicotine per pouch.

I want to try Zafari! Discover our range of Zafari nicotine pouches and start your adventure in nature.