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Ace Superwhite

Nicotine pouches for the future from ACE

Ace is produced by the Danish company Ministry of Snus. With their brand Ace Superwhite they focus on these three key points.

01 — Pure
Pure stands for an ultra-powerful flavour experience, completely tobacco-free.

02 — Strong
With Ace Superwhite portions you’ll experience ultimate strength! They have pushed the limits, to give you the most.

03 — Essential
Ace has focused only on essential elements to give you a sublime, pure and high-impact product. All unnecessities left behind – giving you the bare essentials.

All Ace cans are produced out of 100% recyclable plastic.

What is Ace?

Ace products are made by the Danish company Ministry of Snus via a unique process: what they put on the market is based on what the consumers ask for. Their products are born from feedback and ideas collected from consumers, which are then selected and manufactured. Ace is a forward-thinking company, with a knack for anticipating what comes next.

True to their revolutionary streak, their shops and factories are built next to each other to offer transparency and to reinforce the concept of keeping an open dialogue with consumers.

It’s not all about innovation, though: Ace nicotine pouches also set the bar high when it comes to quality. The Ministry of Snus only uses the highest quality ingredients for their products, which certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed by experts.

With Ace, you can enjoy top quality nicotine, in all-white pouches that will keep your teeth sparkling and your breath fresh. What’s more, their stylish cans have a practical design and are 100% recyclable.

What are the top flavours of Ace?

The Ace pouches have a strong focus on traditional mint flavours, ranging from sweet and mild to seriously refreshing.

One of our favourites is Eucalyptus, which brings a whole new dimension to this tried and tested flavour. If you think you know Eucalyptus, think again until you have tried Ace nicotine pouches.

Among the minty flavours, they have created a delicious Liquorice Mint, with just the right balance of mint and liquorice. Additionally, their strongest pouch, the Ace X, comes in Cool Mint, delivering an explosion of peppermint.

Citrus-lovers should try their Green lemon nicotine pouches, which pack a seriously zesty lime punch.

What are the strengths of Ace?

Ace snus comes in a range of strengths, but it does tend to have quite a high nicotine content. Their regular pouches start strong with a nicotine content of 10.4 mg per pouch. Meanwhile, the Ace X packs a potent 20 mg of nicotine per pouch, immediately delivering a powerful kick you won’t forget any time soon.

The high strength of Ace nicotine pouches makes them more suitable for seasoned users or those transitioning from tobacco products.

I want to try Ace! Discover our range of Ace nicotine pouches!