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GRANT Nicotine Pouches — 27 reasons

Grant White Snus high-quality non-tobacco nicotine pads.
With the product range from Grant, they deliver a refreshing burst of both flavour and nicotine in a clean more discreet pouch.
With their formula of putting 27 pouches in each can, they exceed many other producers' quantities.

Grant pouches come with plant fibre filling and are tobacco-free to avoid staining your teeth and bring dripping to a minimum. While the low amount of drip makes the release of nicotine and flavour extended to its limits.

Extreme Edition

Limited Edition

Classic Edition


What is GRANT?

GRANT is a brand that offers high-quality non-tobacco nicotine pads in the form of white snus. Their products provide a refreshing burst of both flavor and nicotine in a clean and discreet pouch. GRANT focuses on delivering a satisfying experience while minimizing staining and dripping commonly associated with tobacco-based snus.

What are the flavors of GRANT?

GRANT offers a range of flavors to cater to different taste preferences. Some of the available flavors include Ice Cool Light, Mint Light, Extreme Light, Eucalyptus Light, Double Ice Light, Ice Peach Light, and Ice Blueberry Light. These flavors provide a variety of options, allowing users to find their preferred taste experience.

What are the strengths of GRANT?

GRANT nicotine pouches come in a strength of 4mg. This moderate strength offers a balanced nicotine experience, suitable for individuals who prefer a moderate nicotine level. GRANT aims to provide a satisfying release of nicotine and flavor in each pouch while minimizing the amount of drip, allowing users to enjoy an extended experience. The plant fiber filling used in GRANT pouches helps maintain the quality of the pouches and minimizes any staining on teeth.