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VALØ Nicotine Pouches — the nordic sense of Freedom

VALØ Is born from the nordic sense of Freedom and adventure according to the founders of VALØ. Their products are made in Sweden with the highest standards and refined flavours crafted for your active lifestyle. Sleek elegant and exciting flavours sums up this brand perfectly. Try one yourself today, and add some more “elegance” to your day.

What is VALØ?

VALØ is a brand that embodies the Nordic sense of freedom and adventure. According to the founders, VALØ represents the spirit of the Nordic region. Their products are made in Sweden with the highest standards, offering refined flavors designed for an active lifestyle. VALØ aims to bring elegance and excitement to your everyday experience.

What are the flavors of VALØ?

VALØ offers a range of sleek, elegant, and exciting flavors to enhance your snus experience. Some of the available flavors include Low Date Champagne, Grape Fruit + Gin, Mint + Juniper, Champagne, and Lime + Cloudberry. Each flavor is carefully crafted to provide a unique and enjoyable taste sensation.

What are the strengths of VALØ?

VALØ nicotine pouches come in different strengths to cater to individual preferences. The strengths available range from 4mg to 12mg. Whether you prefer a milder nicotine experience or a stronger kick, VALØ provides options to accommodate different preferences.