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Nicotine pouches from XQS with a passion for flavors

This exciting producer is based in Dalarna in the heart of Sweden. XQS themselves say that they develop the most modern tobacco-free portion that can be created where seasoning and nicotine are the main parts of their development together with a philosophy of being close to you with a passion for life. XQS passion for taste and feelings can offer something that suits you.

What are the strengths of XQS?

XQS all-white nicotine pouches are suitable for those trying snus for the very first time or those of you who just prefer a lighter buzz. Their regular pouches contain 4 mg of nicotine, offering a gentle experience.

If you prefer something a little stronger, don’t worry! They also have pouches with 10 mg of nicotine, ideal for more regular users who are keen to experiment with some exciting flavours.

I want to try XQS! Discover our range of XQS nicotine pouches and give your taste buds an explosive surprise.

What are the top flavours of XQS?

Awaken your senses with the funky flavours of XQS snus! From Fizzy Cola to Twin Apple, there are plenty of playful flavours to have fun with, covering all bases: minty, sweet and sour.

If you aren’t familiar with XQS, we recommend trying one of these exciting flavours:

'Cactus Sour' is unlike any other flavour available on the market and has become a popular choice among adventurous snus-lovers. The refreshing cactus flavour is infused with tangy, sour notes for a totally mind-blowing experience!

'Pipe Candy' is the ultimate nicotine pouch for those with a sweet tooth. The indulgent taste of soft caramel is simply irresistible!

'Black Cherry' is bursting with the sweet and rich flavour of ripe cherries. As far as berry flavours go, XQS has totally hit the nail on the head with this one.

What is XQS?

XQS was born from the desire of two snus users to quit traditional tobacco snus, so they created their first tobacco-free nicotine pouch and the rest is history. They immediately stood out from the crowd by introducing daring sweet, fruity flavours that proved to be extremely popular in a market dominated by mint pouches.

Today, the eccentric flavours are what make XQS nicotine pouches truly unique, and they continue to surprise snus-lovers with every new product they launch. Their fruity fame has spread far and wide, becoming particularly popular in the US.

The XQS all-white nicotine pouches are slim and soft, so they can fit comfortably and discreetly under your gum. Packed with high-quality Swedish nicotine and plant-based fibre, they have a long-lasting release of both nicotine and flavour, so you can enjoy them for up to one hour.