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V&YOU was founded in 2019 with a mission to deliver high-quality products with first-class ingredients to you, the consumer, to be able to enjoy the nicotine pouch on a daily basis. White Pouches offers three different variates of V&You.

&FOCUS cans are in the normal range of strength in nicotine levels.
&BOOST cans are in the strong range of strength in nicotine levels.
&BOOST+ products are in the Extra strong range of strength in nicotine levels. &BOOST+

What is V&YOU?

V&YOU is a brand that was founded in 2019 with the aim of delivering high-quality nicotine pouch products to consumers. They are committed to providing products with first-class ingredients, allowing individuals to enjoy snus on a daily basis. V&YOU offers a range of varieties to cater to different preferences and nicotine strength levels.

What are the flavors of V&YOU?

The flavors available in the V&YOU snus product range may vary. However, some examples of flavors offered by V&YOU include Intense Mint Extra Strong and Cool Berry Extra Strong. These flavors provide a refreshing and enjoyable taste experience while delivering the desired nicotine strength.

What are the strengths of V&YOU?

V&YOU offers snus in different strength levels to cater to individual preferences. The specific strengths available include normal strength in the &FOCUS cans, strong strength in the &BOOST cans, and extra strong strength in the &BOOST+ products. The luxurious &BOOST+ cans also come with a metal can featuring a child-resistant lock. These varying strengths allow users to choose the nicotine level that suits their needs and preferences.