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GRITT Snus / Nicotine Pouches

Gritt is made by the Danish Ministry of Snus and offers exciting flavours for the adventurous who like slightly stronger nicotine pouches.

What is GRITT?

GRITT is a brand of nicotine pouches made by the Danish Ministry of Snus. It is designed for adventurous users who prefer slightly stronger nicotine pouches. GRITT aims to provide an exciting experience with its range of flavors and nicotine strengths.

What are the flavors of GRITT?

GRITT offers a variety of exciting flavors to cater to different taste preferences. Some of the available flavors include Frost Bite Extra Strong, Crips Ice Extra Strong, Maracuja, Frost Bite, and Crisp Ice. These flavors are crafted to provide a unique and enjoyable taste experience for users.

What are the strengths of GRITT?

GRITT nicotine pouches come in different strengths to accommodate individual preferences. The available strengths range from 16mg to 20mg. GRITT offers slightly stronger nicotine pouches, providing users with a more intense nicotine experience. It is recommended for those who prefer a bolder kick and a higher nicotine content in their pouches.