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Iceberg Energy Medium

Taste that's part energy drink & part guarana
Iceberg Energy Medium

Iceberg Energy Medium

Taste that's part energy drink & part guarana
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Iceberg Energy Medium

Iceberg Energy Medium - the coolest kick in a can! Unleash the power of pure energy with a twist, literally. These nicotine pouches are not your average thrill-seekers; they're the daredevils of flavor, delivering a taste that's part energy drink, part guarana, and 100% electric.

Pop open a can, and you'll find 20 pouches ready to unleash a tidal wave of flavor and energy. Whether you're crushing deadlines, hitting the gym, or just need that extra jolt to kickstart your day, Iceberg Energy has got your back.

But hold on tight, because Iceberg Energy doesn't just play by the rules – it redefines them. It's the rebel of the nicotine pouch world, daring you to embrace the bold and edgy side of life. Get ready to taste the thrill, feel the rush, and conquer every moment with Iceberg Energy. Your taste buds will thank you, and so will your inner adrenaline junkie. It's time to level up – Iceberg Energy, where flavor meets frenzy!

Information Iceberg Energy Medium

Marke Iceberg
Inhalt pro Dose 12g
Portionsgröße Slim
Nikotinstärke 4mg/Beutel
Beutel pro Dose 20
Stärke Leicht
Gewicht pro Beutel 0.6g
Aroma Mischung
Hersteller Neoptolem
Herkunftsland Polen

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