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ZYN Nicotine Pouches

ZYN Nicotine Pouches — flavors for every day

The pioneer. Flexibility and quality keeps these nicotine pouches firmly at the top of the ranks. Swedish Match is behind this popular product. With its wide product range, ZYN has become one of the best sellers here with us. They work with different strengths from 3-15 mg / g and with many qualitative flavors. This makes them broad and interesting to follow. ZYN products are available in mini to slim format. With the moisture levels they have, it becomes even easier to find a favourite in both strength, taste or shape. ZYN has flavors that range from the classic mint to more experimental and is constantly working to develop new ones.

What is Zyn?

Zyn nicotine pouches, also known as Zyn snus, are produced by Swedish Match and are the most popular nicotine pouches in the US. Swedish Match has been producing snus since 1915, and they were pioneers on the nicotine pouch market when they introduced Zyn.

Not only do these tempting pouches come in a wide range of flavours and strengths, but you can also choose between different varieties: slim or mini dry. This really is a flexible brand ready to please all preferences.

The slim pouches contain moisture, so you don’t need to wet them on your tongue and wait for the nicotine to kick in. On the other hand, they have a shorter shelf life, as after 3 months from the production date they will slowly start to dry out.

Meanwhile, the mini dry pouches are smaller, weighing only 0.4 g (half the size of the slim pouches!), so they also have a lower nicotine content. These are great for occasional users, as the dry texture means they can stay fresh for up to 12 months.

What are the top flavours of Zyn?

If Zyn is calling your name, you won’t be disappointed by their flavour combinations, from a range of classic mint varieties to more dynamic options like ginger with blood orange.
Flavour adventurers should try the electric combination of prosecco and peach in their latest addition: Bellini. Another summer favourite bursting with zingy sweetness is their Lemon Spritz, which combines flavours of lemon, peach, grapefruit and a touch of rose water.
Don’t worry, they didn’t forget coffee lovers! Freshly roasted coffee is hosting a party with chocolate, nougat and vanilla in the irresistible Espressino.

I want to try Zyn!

Discover our range of Zyn nicotine pouches and choose the one that tempts you most. Here is a page to see what countries we deliver to!

What are the strengths of Zyn?

It’s super easy to find out the strength of these pouches, as they use a 1 to 4 strength rating on the front of the can. Generally speaking, Zyn pouches are considered to be strong and fast hitting, compared to other brands, independently of the nicotine content.
The slim Zyn pouches contain a much higher dose of nicotine compared to the mini dry pouches, so they are more suitable for regular users. The strongest variety marked 4 contains a whopping 11.2 mg of nicotine per pouch, while a mark 2 of the mini dry variety contains just 3 mg of nicotine per pouch.