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Spark the unexpected with VOLT nicotine pouches

Classic with flair. Traditional nicotine pouches with a touch of innovation. VOLT from Swedish Match is a real fresh brand in the industry. With a wide and well-thought-out range, they stand strong against the competition. VOLT is suitable for you who like strong and exciting stuff, try it yourself we do not think you will be disappointed.

What is Volt?

Volt nicotine pouches, also known as Volt snus, are made by Swedish Match, a trusted brand renowned for their quality nicotine products. This is also the company behind Zyn. The eye-catching brightly coloured cans are a giveaway to its exciting and bold range of flavours. Volt’s all-white pouches give an instant buzz followed by a balanced flow that can last up to one hour. Volt keeps things simple, with just one standard slim size pouch weighing 0.8 g, so if you like things uncomplicated, Volt is a great option for you. Although the shape and size of the pouch is always the same, they do have a nice variety of strengths and tantalizing flavours to choose from.

What are the flavours of Volt?

One thing we can be sure of is that Volt doesn’t hold back when it comes to adventurous flavours. The cryptic names add an element of mystery and build up excitement.

Coffee has been a popular snus flavour for some time, so there’s nothing new there, but Volt has taken this snus favourite one step further by adding their own twist…the result? Sensational Java Shake! Smooth coffee flavour blended with chocolate and burnt sugar, finished off with an ever so subtle saltiness.

For lovers of the cooling sensation of mint, Volt offers Cool Crisp and Spearmint Breeze. But Volt didn’t stop here – they have once again injected their own twist by combining everyone’s favourite mint with fruity flavours. And so we have Frosted Apple, a balanced blend of green apple and cooling mint, and Dark Frost, an irresistible fusion of berries and menthol.

What are the strengths of Volt?

Volt displays the strength of its nicotine pouches using a 4-point rating displayed on the lid of the can. The lightest available is marker 2, with a nicotine content of 6.4 mg per pouch, so they start off stronger than other brands, making them more suitable for regular users or for those considering switching over from snus.

A marker 5 was added especially for Dark Frost and Deep Freeze, which have a nicotine content of 13 mg per pouch, for a serious kick!

I want to try Volt!

Discover our range of Volt nicotine pouches on our website and get ready for the ride.