VELO Icy Berries

Great tasting refreshing essence of berries
VELO Icy Berries

VELO Icy Berries

Great tasting refreshing essence of berries
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VELO Icy Berries

VELO Icy Berries – a sensational creation from the renowned brand VELO, crafted by BAT. This is not just a white snus; it's a lifestyle in a slim format. VELO Icy Berries is a tobacco-free delight infused with nicotine, offering you an exhilarating experience with every pouch.

Immerse yourself in the refreshing essence of berries with VELO Icy Berries. Designed in a sleek, slim format, this all-white portion packs a punch of flavor that will elevate your senses. Elevate your moments with a product that defines strength, boasting a potent nicotine content of 10.0 mg per portion and 14.3 mg per gram.

Step into a world where flavor meets intensity – choose VELO Icy Berries for an extraordinary nicotine experience.

Tietoja VELO Icy Berries

Tuotemerkki VELO
Sisältö per purkki 14g
Annoskoko Ohut
Nikotiinin vahvuus 10mg/pussi
Pusseja per purkki 20
Vahvuus Vahva
Paino per purkki 0.7g
Maku Marja
Valmistaja BAT
Alkuperämaa Tanska

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