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Lundgrens Kvällsbris

Delightful and bold mint flavor
Lundgrens Kvällsbris

Lundgrens Kvällsbris

Delightful and bold mint flavor
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Lundgrens Kvällsbris

Lundgrens Kvällsbris All White is a nicotine-based product crafted by BAT, delivering a delightful and bold mint flavor. This innovative product falls into the category of white snus, offering a tobacco-free experience while still providing the invigorating kick of nicotine. The pouches come in a standard size, making them convenient for any occasion.

Experience the richness of Lundgrens Kvällsbris All White, where the dark mint flavor takes center stage. Defined as strong, each pouch boasts a nicotine content of 10 mg/g, with 8 mg per portion, ensuring a satisfying and robust experience.

Key Features of Lundgrens Kvällsbris All White:

Category: White Snus

Flavor Profile: Mint

Strength Definition: Strong

Manufacturer: BAT

Nicotine per Portion: 8 mg

Portions per Can: 21

Discover more about Lundgrens:

Lundgrens is a renowned manufacturer with a diverse range of nicotine-based products. Committed to quality and innovation, their passion is evident in every product they create, providing you with a premium experience like no other. Elevate your nicotine enjoyment with Lundgrens Kvällsbris All White – a perfect blend of flavor and strength.

Information Lundgrens Kvällsbris

Marke Lundgrens
Inhalt pro Dose 16.8g
Portionsgröße Normal
Nikotinstärke 8mg/Beutel
Beutel pro Dose 21
Stärke Normal
Gewicht pro Beutel 0.8g
Aroma Minze
Hersteller BAT
Herkunftsland Dänemark