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Strong Nicotine Pouches Canada

Due to a restriction it is illegal to import pouches containing over 4mg/pouch to Canada 🛑. But dont worry, we do not sell strong nicotine pouches on the canadian market! All pouches that we sell to the canadian market are perfectly legal to import!

Why use stronger nicotine pouches?

The choice of strength on the pouches that you want to use depends on your level of addiction to nicotine. So if you are a heavy smoker and want to find a more healthy substitute. A stronger alternative of pouches is favourable.

So, if you are a heavy nicotine user from tobacco products and want to quit. Nicotine pouches is a more healthy option. Start with stronger nicotine pouches and then gradually go for milder and milder nicotine strength over time. Eventually your nicotine addiction will be at a minimal. And if your end goal is to quit, you are now at a level that will make this change not so drastic for your body and mind. Also there are completely nicotine free pouches to smoothen out the last step even more.

Good luck!