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Shipping and order issues

Q: How long does it take for my package to arrive?
A: It varies on the chosen shipping method, but normally 1-3 days.
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Q: Can you track your order?
A: Yes, we always attach tracking numbers,
so you can easily follow the progress of your order.

Q: I can not find my country in the list, can I not order then?
A: No, unfortunately, we can not send to this particular country at the moment.

Q: Do I have to pay customs duties?
A: As rules vary, we refer to the rules of your country disclaims all responsibility for retrieving goods seized by custom or sending replacement orders in these cases.

Q: My package is stuck in customs, what should I do?
A: Contact the customs and ask if they are missing some documents such as pro forma.
Get back to us at [email protected] if you need help to find this document. We can send it to you.

Q: I have not received any order confirmation, is there something wrong?
A: It may take a few minutes before you receive the order confirmation, otherwise check your spam mail. If not contact us on [email protected] or use the chat.

Q: Why can I not order certain products in my country?
A: Most countries allow all our products, however, some countries such as Finland and Canada have their own restrictions on nicotine products. Check out what applies in your country.

Q: Is it safe to shop with you?
A: Yes absolutely. We use some of the largest and safest payment platforms to achieve as secure a payment as possible.

Q: What opening hours do you have?
A: Our shop is open 24/7. Packing of orders takes place on non-holiday weekdays.

Q: Where are your products sent from?
A: We ship from our warehouse in central Sweden.

FAQ - Shipping and order issues

FAQ - Product questions

FAQ - Payment issues

Product questions

Q: Do your products contain tobacco?
A: No, all our products are 100% tobacco-free.

Q: What are nicotine pouches / how to use them?
A: Nicotine pouches are a portion that places under the upper lip usually at one of the sides. They can be used as a substitute for smoking and does not contain tobacco. For more information read here:

Q: Are nicotine pouches harmful?
A: Nicotine pouches are significantly less harmful than tobacco products. Nicotine is an addictive substance. We don’t sell to people under the age of 18. If you are pregnant, you should not use these products, and if you have any underlying disease you should consult a doctor before using any nicotine products.

Q: What do the products contain?
A: It may vary slightly from product to product, but most contain nicotine, flavors, sweeteners, pH adjusters and fillers.

Q: How many servings does a can contain?
A: A can usually contain 20-25 servings.

Q: How long does the product last?
A: Normally 6 - 12 months. Shelf life for the product is placed on the bottom label of the can.

Q: Will the product go bad after the expiration date?
A: No, but what you can experience is that the taste has decreased slightly,
but otherwise, you can use the products as usual.

Q: What happens if I happen to swallow a portion?
A: It's not dangerous. Actually, your body will absorb less nicotine if you accidentally swallow a pouch, compared to if you have it under your lip.

Payment issues

Q: Money has been withdrawn from my account, but I can't find the order confirmation email. When will I get an order confirmation email?
A: Look in your spam first, otherwise wait for about 30 minutes and contact us if you have not received your confirmation. Sometimes, however, very rarely, the contact between the bank and our system can be lost, then the amount can be reserved but paid back automatically to your account within a couple of banking days.

Q: I'm waiting for a refund, how long does it take?
A: Normally 1-3 business days.