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Skruf Super White

Skruf snus - White is the new black

Skruf super white with their slim, all-white portions made from plant fibers are available in several different designs and flavors. Behind this fantastic product are the Swedish friends Adam and Jonas. They put Småland's southern forests on the Swedish snus map in 2002 when they founded Skruf. They call themselves snus rebels, we can agree with them as their products are rebelliously good.

What is Skruf?

From an old dairy factory in a small village in Sweden, comes a snus product that won’t disappoint. Two snus-loving friends, Adam and Jonas, followed their dream and launched Skruf in 2003. They quickly made a name for themselves in Europe and the US and gained the nickname: the Snus Rebels. Today, Skruf is the second-largest manufacturer of snus in Sweden.

Their overwhelming success can be traced back to the high quality of their product and sensational flavours, but that’s not all... Their secret ingredient? They infuse their pouches with rose oil. They use this technique for both their traditional snus and their tobacco-free pouches, which adds a hint of uniqueness to their products; this is exactly what Skruf does best: taking tradition and innovating it just enough to bring it to the next level.

Skruf nicotine pouches are a premium all-white product, made from natural plant fibre, so you do not have to worry about teeth discolouration. Since their stuff tends to be pretty strong, it’s more suitable for regular users or those transitioning from smoking.

What are the top flavours of Skruf?

Just like any good snus product, Skruf offers a variety of refreshing minty flavours, including Polar, Fresh and Frozen Shot. Some are sweeter and subtler, while others will give you a strong minty kick.

Their collection of all-white nicotine pouches also includes several fruity flavours, such as Blackberry, Sun Berries and Cassis (blackcurrant with a touch of mint). Meanwhile, traditional snus lovers will be pleased to know they also have a sweet and salty Liquorice flavour.

Although the Snus Rebels are rooted in traditional snus, they also have a flair for innovation, so keep an eye out for their latest flavour surprise.

What are the strengths of Skruf?

Skruf snus products generally have quite a high nicotine content, making them a favourite among seasoned snus users. If you are new to the game and wish to try Skruf, they do have some lighter pouches, starting at 5.8 mg of nicotine per pouch.

Most of their all-white nicotine pouches have a strength marker between 1 and 4 visible on the front of the can, but they have also created some extra strong varieties for which they’ve added up to 6 strength markers.

Right now, their strongest pouch is the White Fresh Max #6 with a whopping 23 mg of nicotine per pouch. Try it, if you dare.

I want to try Skruf! Discover our range of Skruf nicotine pouches. Get ready to be blown away!