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RaBBit Nicotine Pouches

For individuals in search of a that extra gear in nicotine. RaBBit is know for their exciting flavours and strength.

RaBBiT Blue Ice 4mg


RaBBIT Blueberry 4mg


RaBBiT Ice Hemp 4mg


RaBBiT Peppermint 4mg


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What is RaBBit?

RaBBit is a brand that caters to individuals who are seeking a higher level of nicotine satisfaction. Known for their exciting flavors and strength, RaBBit offers products designed to provide an intensified nicotine experience.

What are the flavors of RaBBit?

RaBBit offers a variety of flavors to cater to different taste preferences. Some of the available flavors include Peppermint, Blue Ice, Blueberry, and Ice Hemp. Each flavor is crafted to provide an enjoyable and unique taste experience.

What are the strengths of RaBBit?

RaBBit specializes in X-Strong nicotine pouches, offering a high nicotine content to meet the preferences of individuals looking for an extra gear in nicotine. While specific nicotine strengths may vary, all RaBBit products are designed to deliver a powerful nicotine experience. It is recommended for users who desire a stronger nicotine kick in their pouches.