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What are Nicotine pouches?

Nicotine pouches, also known as ‘nicopods’ or ‘nicotine snuff’, are tobacco-free, small-sized portions that you place under your lip. Nicotine pouches come from Sweden, where traditional snus was developed already in the 19th century.

More about what nicotine pouches are

The creation of nicotine pouches was influenced by the need to market tobacco-free, less harmful nicotine products alongside snus. As a result, nicotine pouches were developed. The nicotine is extracted from the tobacco plant, and the pouches are then supplemented with different fillers and flavorings to meet its final form. The rest is history - after achieving great popularity among Swedes, the popularity of nicotine pouches began to expand rapidly around the world.

Nicotine pouches are a modern, less harmful way to use nicotine. An important point to consider is that nicotine pouches are intended for stopping or reducing the use of smoking or using snus, not for recreational use. Nicotine pouches are placed like snus under the upper lip, between the lip and the gum, from where nicotine is released into the body through the mucous membranes of the mouth. Unlike snus, nicotine pouches do not cause bad breath or stain teeth. In addition, the pouches leave a fresh and pleasant taste in the mouth.

As the demand continues to grow, nicotine pouches have entered the market in many different variants, strengths and flavor options. In terms of design, the bags are available from super slim versions to thicker variants resembling a traditional snus pouch. Regardless of the design, flavor and strength, the nicotine pouches are delivered in a small, mostly round can that easily fits your pocket or handbag. There is also a separate compartment under the top lid, which is a convenient storage for used pouches.

Popular brands of nicotine pouches

If nicotine pouches are a completely new acquaintance, of course the first question that comes to mind is what kind of pouches should you start with and which are the best nicotine pouches. Many nicotine pouch users prefer different mint flavors that bring a fresh breeze to the users' mouth. There are many different types of these mint flavors available and they are made by many different brands.

While mint is the most prominent flavour there are still many that appreciate exciting flavor combinations, such as nicotine pouches containing aromas of berries, fruit, licorice or coffee. It all depends on personal preferences, and you can only find out your favorite flavors by experimenting. In addition to taste, when choosing nicotine pouches, attention must naturally be paid to the desired nicotine content contained in the pouches.

We offer a broad but carefully selected range of products. We do sell the most popular brands, but we also offer new up-and-comers. What all brands that we sell have in common is that we like them and that the quality of the nicotine pouches are high.

Some of the most popular brands are: Velo | Shiro | ZYN | Stockholm White | ACE | White Fox | Skruf | On! | Killa | Volt

Different countries have regulations that can narrow down the selection of brands. Finland is one example where only 4mg nicotine per portion is allowed for consumers. There may be more countries in the future that will be more regulated.


There are many reasons to change cigarettes or snus to nicotine pouches

We have talked to many of our customers about using nicotine pouches to quit smoking. What we have learned so far is that there are many success stories. Stories out there of men and women moving away from cigarettes, to start using nicotine pouches instead.

One of the answers that stick out is how fast they are able to change their bad smoking habits. When we asked our customers of their personal reflections on the switch from tobacco to nicotine pouches. Their answers ranged from feeling healthier, eliminating bad breath and smelly clothes, to getting rid of throat irritation and cough and no more annoying their surroundings with smoke.

The smokeless nicotine snuff is suitable for use by all healthy adults, excluding pregnant women. As smoking has decreased, the sale of nicotine products has multiplied over the last few years, and various nicotine products form the best-selling product group of self-medication drugs.

Nicotine pouches have already helped many thousands of individuals to conquer the addiction to health-damaging tobacco products, which can contain hundreds of chemicals and poisons that are dangerous to humans. Using nicotine pouches is one of the best ways to start a smoke-free or snus-free life or to reduce the use of tobacco or snus. Nicotine pouches also help to reduce the withdrawal symptoms caused by quitting tobacco and snuff. The nicotine of the nicotine pouches can be reduced as the dependence on the tobacco products decreases.

In Sweden, several studies have been conducted on nicotine snus, according to which smoking has decreased significantly in all EU countries where less harmful nicotine pouches have started to be used. Nicotine pouches also eliminate bad breath and smelly hair and clothes. Also the unwanted yellowing of teeth and nails that typically comes from tobacco products will no longer be a problem with nicotine pouches. When using nicotine pouches, the sense of taste and smell also gradually return to normal. Quitting smoking also means an improvement in general health and a significantly lower risk of getting seriously ill. Thus, there are many reasons to change cigarettes or snus to nicotine pouches that are less harmful to health.

Are nicotine pouches harmful?

Nicotine pouches include nicotine which is a highly addictive substance and can be harmful when used in abundance.

There are studies on both benefits and dangers when using nicotine. So we recommend that if you have some form of a medical condition. You should always consult your doctor before using any form of nicotine products.


What does the future
hold for nicotine snus?

There are many steps being made for a bright future for this product.
The first thing that is in focus is clear regulations, both for sale and wholesale.

The various lobbyists that work for the biggest developers. Is pushing for a broader understanding of all the benefits of nicotine pouches. And also, what the benefits are to move away from tobacco products, and get closer to nicotine pouches. With more developers and new brands coming every month, the future is looking brighter for each day.