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PABLO Nicotine Pouches

Pablo Nicotine Pouches

Pablo does not need an introduction. Everybody knows Pablo.
PABLO Nicotne Pouches are known for it’s extra high nicotine levels with the fastest nicotine absorption, PABLO has been created for true nicotine lovers.
As they say, once you’ve got to know PABLO, you can never go back.

• Product with quick release of nicotine.
• Very strong.Gives a fast, immediate effect and absorption of nicotine
• Portion size: 0,8g
• Nicotine: 30mg/1gram
• Nicotine per portion: 25mg
• Humidity: 60%
• Portions in one package: 20 pc

41.9 SEK /st
Pablo Ice Cold


41.9 SEK /st
Pablo X Ice Cold


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