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LOOP Hot Rhubarb Strong

A unique blend of rhubarb and chili flavors
LOOP Hot Rhubarb Strong

LOOP Hot Rhubarb Strong

A unique blend of rhubarb and chili flavors
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LOOP Hot Rhubarb Strong

Introducing Loop Hot Rhubarb Strong, an innovative nicotine pouch from the renowned brand Loop, crafted by Another Snus Factory. This product offers a unique blend of rhubarb and chili flavors, delivering a powerful and invigorating experience in a sleek slim format. Each can contains 22 portions, providing a generous supply of satisfying nicotine pouches.

Product Highlights:

Brand: Loop

Flavor: Rhubarb and Chili

Format: Slim

Nicotine Strength: Strong

Nicotine Content: 9.4 mg per portion / 15 mg per gram

Portions per Can: 22

Type: White Snus (Tobacco-Free)

Detailed Description:

Loop Hot Rhubarb Strong is designed for those who seek a robust and exhilarating flavor combination. The bold, tangy taste of rhubarb is perfectly complemented by the fiery kick of chili, creating a distinctive and memorable flavor profile. These pouches are meticulously crafted to ensure a balanced and enjoyable experience with every use.

Unlike traditional snus, Loop Hot Rhubarb Strong is entirely tobacco-free, making it a cleaner and more discreet alternative. Despite the absence of tobacco, it retains a potent nicotine content, classified as strong, catering to users who desire a more intense nicotine hit.

The slim format of these pouches ensures a comfortable and discreet fit under the lip, allowing for an unobtrusive and convenient use throughout the day. Each portion is carefully measured to deliver a consistent and satisfying release of flavor and nicotine.

Why Choose Loop Hot Rhubarb Strong?

Innovative Flavor: Experience the refreshing combination of rhubarb and chili.

Tobacco-Free: Enjoy a cleaner alternative to traditional snus without compromising on nicotine strength.

Convenient Format: The slim design offers a comfortable and discreet fit.

High Nicotine Content: Perfect for those who prefer a stronger nicotine experience.

Enhance your nicotine pouch experience with the exceptional taste and strength of Loop Hot Rhubarb Strong. Whether you are new to nicotine pouches or a seasoned user, this product promises a unique and satisfying journey with every portion.

Information LOOP Hot Rhubarb Strong

Brand LOOP
Content Per Can 13.75g
Portion Size Slim
Nicotine Strength 9.4mg/pouch
Pouches Per Can 22
Strength Strong
Weight Per Pouch 0.6g
Flavor Fruit
Manufacturer Another Snus Factory
Country Of Origin Sweden

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