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XQS Cool Ice Mini

Fresh peppermint flavor in a mini format
XQS Cool Ice Mini

XQS Cool Ice Mini

Fresh peppermint flavor in a mini format
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XQS Cool Ice Mini

Introducing XQS Cool Ice Mini, a refreshing blend of peppermint and menthol flavors. This product by XQS is characterized by its medium strength and compact mini format. With 20 portions per can, it falls under the category of white snus.

XQS Cool Ice Mini, crafted by Insurgent Ventures II under the XQS brand, offers a nicotine experience without tobacco. Presented in a slim format, this extra strong white snus caters to those seeking a potent yet tobacco-free option.

For enthusiasts of milder options, XQS Cool Ice Mini presents a variant with a low strength profile, containing 4.2 mg of nicotine per portion. As part of the XQS range, it exemplifies the brand's commitment to providing diverse choices to meet individual preferences.

XQS, a leading name in nicotine product manufacturing, endeavors to offer a spectrum of options to satisfy various tastes and preferences.

Informação XQS Cool Ice Mini

Marca XQS
Conteúdo Por Lata 12g
Tamanho da Porção Mini
Força da Nicotina 4.2mg/saquinho
Sachês Por Lata 20
Força Extra forte
Sabor Menta
Fabricante Insurgent Ventures II
País de Origem Polônia

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