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VELO Mango Flame

vibrant and irresistible taste of mango
VELO Mango Flame

VELO Mango Flame

vibrant and irresistible taste of mango
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VELO Mango Flame

VELO Mango Flame – a sensational creation from BAT! Immerse yourself in the world of nicotine pleasure with this slim-format, white snus alternative. Elevate your experience without the use of tobacco, as VELO Mango Flame is all about delivering a powerful punch of nicotine in a sleek design.

Feel the rush with VELO Mango Flame, a product crafted to perfection with a bold strength definition. Unleash the vibrant and irresistible taste of mango that dominates every portion. Each pouch boasts 10 mg of nicotine, totaling an impressive 14.3 mg/g to keep you energized throughout the day.

Embrace the sleekness of slim format – VELO Mango Flame brings you a more discreet and convenient way to enjoy your nicotine fix. Elevate your moments with the intense flavor and strength of VELO Mango Flame. It's time to savor the freedom of choice and indulge in a nicotine experience like never before!

Informação VELO Mango Flame

Marca VELO
Conteúdo Por Lata 14g
Tamanho da Porção Slim
Força da Nicotina 10mg/saquinho
Sachês Por Lata 20
Força Forte
Peso Por Bolsa 0.7g
Sabor Fruta
Fabricante BAT
País de Origem Dinamarca

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