quit smoking

Be free

Free from tobacco

No matter how long you’ve been inhaling cigarette smoke, it’s always the right time to quit - and that time is now.
The benefits of a cigarette-free life are too many to cover in this text, but what we know is that within minutes of ashing your last cigarette, your body begins to recover. The sooner you quit tobacco the better your chances are for a long and healthy life.

Benefits from quitting

Below we’ve mapped out some of the direct benefits of nicotine pouches:

• Your sense of taste returns to its natural state.
• Your sense of smell returns to its natural state.
• Your breath, hair, and clothes stop smelling like cigarettes.
• Your teeth and fingernails stop yellowing.
• Your stamina starts to recover.
• You lower your risk of developing cancer.

Nicotine Pouches, what's all the fuzz about?

The effect is very similar to other quit smoking products such as chewing gums and patches. The major difference is the simplicity. When you feel the urge, you simply take a small pouch and put it under your lip. Fresh and clean with no smell while taking care of your body’s demand for nicotine.


Open the box by squeezing it
Place your thumb and forefinger
on the sides of the box and give it a little squeeze.

Pop under your lip
Take out a pouch and place under your upper lip.
Tip: position it slightly to one side for a more comfy fit.

Enjoy for up to 60 minutes
The smooth and even delivery gives you a
nicotine kick that lasts for up to an hour.

Use anywhere!
Don't put life on hold – enjoy while working out,
chilling at home or while making dinner for the family.


1. Select your package

Below you can choose between 3 different packages.
Pick one that feels right for you.
We’ve carefully curated these packages to have a well-balanced level of taste and strength.

2. Use for 4-5 days

Each package contains 4 containers.
Each container has 15-20 pouches.
For the average smoker (15-20 cigarettes per day) a package will last for 4-5 days.

3. Explore

After using the products in your selected package, you’ll probably find that you prefer some products more than others. When you have found your favorites, simply buy them in our shop for future use.

Start your journey towards a smoke-free life today!

Below you’ll find our three packages, the packages are differentiated by taste and nicotine strength.

Click on a package to see the full content description.

Fast & Easy

From Sweden to You

It’s easy to shop at White Pouches. We pride ourselves on our amazing customers located all over the world, and we’re committed to always give our customers the best possible experience. Should you’ve any questions, never hesitate to contact us through email, chat, or Facebook. We ship worldwide - simple and secure from our warehouse in Sweden straight to your doorstep or nearest Access Point.
Last but not least - in the package you receive we’ve included an easy-to-follow instruction brochure, with dosage advice from start to finish. The end result for most users is a healthy tobacco-free lifestyle and we sincerely hope for you to join them.

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