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Shiro Nicotine Pouches

SHIRO Nicotine pouches: Elegant with irresistible flavours.

Shiro is a Japanese word that means pure and simple - white. Their nicotine pouches contain pure plant fibers with added nicotine extract. Shiro is highly popular, especially in Finland and Canada. With an expanding product range, it's exciting to follow their journey. If you haven't tried any of Shiro's products yet, we highly recommend doing so - you won't be disappointed.

What is Shiro?

Shiro nicotine pouches, also known as 'Shiro snus', were originally produced by AG Snus, one of the oldest snus companies still in operation. Currently, Shiro is owned by the American company 'PMI'. With the acquisition of 'Shiro All White', PMI has made a significant effort to gain market shares in the 100% tobacco-free nicotine pouches business. Under the new ownership, both the brand and the product assortment have been updated. We bid farewell to products like Shiro Virginia Classic and Shiro Licorice while welcoming the new assortment listed above.

The word "Shiro" means 'white' in Japanese, which perfectly suits these pure all-white pouches (that's right, no stains!). The sleek design of the can reflects the elegance and discretion of their slim-fit pouches, which fit nicely under your lip and can easily go unnoticed, allowing you to enjoy them anywhere at any time.

Since the plant-based filler is dry, it's best to moisten the pouch on your tongue a little before placing it under your lip, where it can stay for approximately 30-40 minutes, slowly releasing those 'feel-good vibes'. If you're seeking a product with a serious kick, Shiro's 'Shiro 03 Tingling Mint' pouches are among the strongest nicotine pouches available on the market.

What are the top flavours of Shiro?

If you enjoy exploring new and unique flavors, Shiro won't disappoint! Their nicotine pouches come in a range of surprising flavors. Of course, you can also try Shiro in their beloved mint flavors like Fresh Mint, Cooling Mint, and Tingling Mint for an extra frosty sensation.

What are the nicotine strengths of Shiro?

Shiro nicotine pouches are available in a variety of nicotine strengths, catering to both snus enthusiasts and those trying nicotine pouches for the first time. The nicotine content ranges from a light 2.2 mg per pouch to a powerful 9.6 mg per pouch, with Shiro 03 Tingling Mint extra-strong pouches representing the highest strength - these are not for the faint-hearted!

There are enough choices to find a flavor that suits your taste. To simplify your decision-making process and help you navigate the assortment, each flavor is assigned its own number. Do you prefer 01 Fresh Mint, 02 Cooling Mint, 03 Tingling Mint, or 06 Sour Red Berry? Slim or mini? Strong, low, or medium? Start exploring now!