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All about shipping nicotine pouches to Canada

All in all for nicotine pouches, with the Formal Clearance process being mandatory, the transit time from shipping to delivery is approximately 5 working days to Canada. Some might take a few days longer and some will be delivered a day or two earlier as well, it all depends on the customs clearance process and the duty payment from the customer.

Canadians are allowed to import 4mg nicotine pouches. White Pouches only sell and ship nicotine products with maximum 4mg nicotine to Canada. With long experience of shipping 4mg nicotine pouches to Canada we have learned a lot to make the import process as fast as possible. The average delivery time is 5 working days from order until delivery.

Together with DHL we have investigated and are keeping up to date on how to declare the appropriate customs information to minimise the risk that complementary information is needed for clearance.

Explaining the import process:
Step by step
From Sweden to your home in Canada

Step 1. You place the order

We handle all orders mon-fri. Cut off time: 16:00 CET. The shipment is picked up by DHL the same day (all shipments to Canada are sent using DHL Express). After placing the order we will send you an order confirmation email.

Step 2. DHL Express – Sweden to Canada:

All shipments arrive to Canada 2 days after being sent from Sweden and are then processed for customs clearance.
You will get a shipping confirmation email from us including a tracking link.

Step 3. What happens after the shipment arrives in Canada

4mg nicotine pouches (Harm Code: 2404910090) are always required to be cleared as Formal Clearance due to regulations. The result is that the clearance process takes 2-3days. In your shipment confirmation email we will provide you with some more information to make your customs clearance as smooth as possible.

The receiving customer will be notified to pay the duty and taxes for the import. The customs flat fee is around 35 CAD. Read more about taxes and fees further down on this page. After payment is done the shipment can be delivered. Most customers are very quick to pay the duties so that is often done the same day they receive the notification to do so.

Shipping to Canada Step by step

What if my order is taking longer than expected?

Sometimes the shipments seem to take longer than normal. Most of the times this is due to some process at the customs service in Canada getting delayed.

Contact information DHL Express Canada for more information about your shipment:

Additional fees to import nicotine pouches to Canada

When importing nicotine pouches to Canada there are two flat fees that needs to be paid.

Customs Handling Fee - 35 CAD – When you import products to Canada there is a fixed Customs Handling Fee of 35 CAD.

OGD (Other Government Department) Fee: 16.80 CAD – There is a fee labelled ”OTHER GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENT FEE” that is currently 16.80 CAD. The reason for the OGD (Other Government Department) Fee is because the requirements for importation for Nicotine pouches is a regulated item which needs to be accepted first by Health Canada (HC) before Customs can release the goods.

The sum of taxes you have to pay for importing to Canada is dependant on what province you are importing to

In Canada there are two types of import taxes that are different in different provinces. Namely ‘Provincial Sales Tax’ (PST) and ‘Goods and Services Tax’ (GST). Quebec has its own version of PST that is called the Quebec Sales Tax (QST). Some provinces use what's called ‘Harmonized Sales Tax’ (HST) which is a combination of the PST and the GST.

Examples of how much tax you need to pay (tax rates from September 2023) depending on what province you are importing to:

  • Example 1, Quebec: If you are importing nicotine pouches to Quebec you will currently pay both a combination of QST and GST. Added taxes will be 14.975% of the product value.

  • Example 2, Ontario: If you import nicotine pouches to Ontorio you will pay the HST which is currently 13% of the product value.

  • Example 3, Alberta: If you import nicotine pouches to Alberta you will only pay the GST which is currently 5% of the product value.

To get a full overview on import tax rates per province in Canada you can visit:

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