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Nordic Spirit

Nordic Spirit Nicotine Pouches

Traditional and strong. Classic Scandinavian nicotine pouches with a kick you won’t forget from Nordic Spirit

Nordic Spirit was developed by the Swedish company Nordic Snus. Their vision with Nordic Spirit is to offer you an alternative that meets today's modern expectations for a fresher and cleaner experience. Nordic Spirit is delivered in chalk-white portion bags that combine the best of traditional snus with an innovative format completely free of tobacco. Nordic Spirit is available in several flavors and strengths, produced in a patented process. Their mix of natural plant fibers, nicotine, wonderful flavor aromas gives a fantastic result. We at White Pouches hold Nordic Spirit warm to our hearts.

What is Nordic Spirit Nicotine Pouches?

Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches, also known as Nordic Spirit snus, are produced by Nordic Snus, a Swedish company that has been creating innovative snus products for several decades. Their range of Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches was launched in 2018 and quickly gained huge popularity, particularly in the UK, where it won the Product of the Year Award 2021 in the nicotine pouch category.
All Nordic Spirit pouches are known for giving you an immediate, powerful kick, followed by a satisfying, consistent release lasting up to one hour. With such a long tradition in snus production, Nordic Snus has created a product that embodies all the best of traditional snus, while being completely tobacco-free.
The Nordic Spirit pouches are made with a plant- and gum-based filler and come in two sizes: slim and mini.

What are the top flavours of Nordic Spirit?

Staying true to their roots, Nordic Spirit comes in all the most popular tried and tested flavour combinations of snus and nicotine pouches alike, focusing on mint, citrus and berries.
Are you among those who just can’t get enough of minty freshness? The punchy blast you get with Spearmint Intense will blow your mind. For a milder mintiness, opt for the heavenly Smooth Mint instead.
Among the fruity flavours, we love the tantalizing Berry Citrus. The sharpness of the citrus cuts through the sweetness of the red berries, taking you on a sensational journey. For extra fruity freshness, Watermelon is another winner, perfect for days spent in the sunshine and warm summer evenings.
If you prefer subtle and delicate flavours, try the elderflower pouches. With just a hint of citrus, they can be enjoyed at any time.

What are the strengths of Nordic spirit?

Nordic Spirit Extra Strong takes the lead when it comes to nicotine content, with 11 mg of nicotine per pouch, a great option for regular users looking for a strong buzz.
Meanwhile, the minis have a lower nicotine content, so they are the best place to start if you are trying nicotine pouches for the first time. The lighter variations have as little as 3 mg of nicotine per pouch for a delicate sensation.
I want to try Nordic Spirit! Discover our range of Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches UK (we deliver to the UK) and order your favourite classic flavour.