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Iceberg Dragonfire

Essence of Japanese flowers & Extreme nicotine kick
Iceberg Dragonfire

Iceberg Dragonfire

Essence of Japanese flowers & Extreme nicotine kick
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Iceberg Dragonfire

Embrace the realm of robust and distinctive snus flavors with Iceberg Dragonfire Snus! Enriched with the essence of Japanese flowers, this snus promises an unparalleled taste adventure that stands out from the rest. Boasting a potent 50 mg of nicotine per gram, it's the ultimate choice for those in pursuit of an intense buzz.

The slim format of Iceberg Dragonfire Snus ensures a comfortable and discreet experience, allowing you to relish the unique flavor and potency wherever your journey takes you. With 20 pieces neatly packed in each can, you'll have ample opportunities to immerse yourself in the captivating and gratifying taste of Iceberg Dragonfire Snus.

Say goodbye to mundane snus flavors and elevate your nicotine experience with the excitement of Iceberg Dragonfire Snus. Don't miss out – place your order now and unravel the intensity for yourself!

Informazione Iceberg Dragonfire

Marchio Iceberg
Contenuto Per Lattina 16g
Porzione Slim
Forza della Nicotina 35mg/busta
Bustine Per Lattina 20
Forza Estremamente forte
Peso Per Pochette 0.8g
Sapore Frutta
Produttore Neoptolem
Paese di Origine Polonia

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