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Iceberg Cool Mint Medium

Fresh taste of minty goodness
Iceberg Cool Mint Medium

Iceberg Cool Mint Medium

Fresh taste of minty goodness
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Iceberg Cool Mint Medium

Iceberg Cool Mint Medium – the ultimate chill in a pouch! Brace yourself for an arctic blast that will kick monotony to the curb and leave your taste buds doing a happy dance. These nicotine pouches aren't just cool; they're the frozen tundra of minty goodness, ready to give you a refreshing smack in the face!

With a nicotine content of 6mg/g and 4mg/pouch, Iceberg Cool Mint is your go-to for that perfect balance of exhilaration and relaxation. Each can come loaded with 20 pouches, ensuring you've got a cool companion for every moment of your day. Whether you're conquering deadlines or owning the dance floor, these pouches have your back.

But hold on, it's not just about the nicotine punch – it's about the taste. Picture this: a mint flavor so crisp and invigorating, it's like a polar bear doing the cha-cha on your taste buds. Iceberg Cool Mint doesn't just freshen your breath; it's a flavor explosion that will have you saying, "Move over, boring, I'm making room for the cool!"

Informazione Iceberg Cool Mint Medium

Marchio Iceberg
Contenuto Per Lattina 12g
Porzione Slim
Forza della Nicotina 4mg/busta
Bustine Per Lattina 20
Forza Leggera
Peso Per Pochette 0.6g
Sapore Misto
Produttore Neoptolem
Paese di Origine Polonia

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