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Iceberg Watermelon Lime

Watermelon Lime flavour & Extreme nicotine kick
Iceberg Watermelon Lime

Iceberg Watermelon Lime

Watermelon Lime flavour & Extreme nicotine kick
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Iceberg Watermelon Lime

Indulge in the refreshing blend of flavors with Iceberg Watermelon Lime nicotine sachets, boasting an impressive nicotine content of 50 mg/g. Immerse yourself in the harmonious marriage of sweet and sour notes, as these nicopods deliver a tantalizing fusion of succulent watermelon and zesty lime.

The infusion of watermelon and lime not only provides a delightful taste experience but also offers a well-balanced flavor profile that caters to both sweet and tangy preferences. Each sachet is meticulously crafted to ensure a consistent and satisfying nicotine hit, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a flavorful alternative to traditional tobacco products.

Embrace the invigorating essence of Iceberg Watermelon Lime, where the vibrant combination of fruity elements is expertly blended to deliver a memorable and enjoyable nicotine pouch experience. With these nicopods, you can elevate your nicotine enjoyment with a burst of deliciousness that lingers with every use.

Information Iceberg Watermelon Lime

Brand Iceberg
Content Per Can 16g
Portion Size Slim
Nicotine Strength 35mg/pouch
Pouches Per Can 20
Strength Extreme Strong
Weight Per Pouch 0.6g
Flavor Fruit
Manufacturer Neoptolem
Country Of Origin Poland

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