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VELO Humble Spearmint Mini

Refreshing twist of spearmint and mint
VELO Humble Spearmint Mini

VELO Humble Spearmint Mini

Refreshing twist of spearmint and mint
5.59 /pcs
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VELO Humble Spearmint Mini, a sensational product from the renowned VELO brand. Crafted by BAT, this offering falls under the category of white snus, delivering a mini-sized delight. Free from tobacco but abundant in nicotine, this product boasts a normal nicotine content.

Experience the refreshing twist of spearmint and mint with VELO Humble Spearmint Mini. This white snus comes in a convenient mini format, providing a unique blend of flavor and strength. With a nicotine content equivalent to 4.0 mg per portion and 9.5 mg/g, it offers a satisfying kick.

Indulge in the perfect portion size with VELO Humble Spearmint Mini. Its compact, mini-format design makes it an effortlessly stylish and practical choice for users seeking a delightful nicotine experience. Elevate your snus game with VELO Humble Spearmint Mini – where flavor meets convenience.

Información VELO Humble Spearmint Mini

Marca VELO
Contenido Por Lata 14g
Tamaño de la Porción Mini
Concentración de Nicotina 4mg/bolsita
Bolsas Por Lata 20
Fuerza Ligera
Peso Por Bolsa 0.5g
Sabor Mezclado
Fabricante BAT
País de Origen Dinamarca

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