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Iceberg Bubblegum Medium

Fresh Bubblegum Taste
Iceberg Bubblegum Medium

Iceberg Bubblegum Medium

Fresh Bubblegum Taste
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Iceberg Bubblegum Medium

Iceberg Bubblegum are not just a taste, it’s an experience. Imagine the sweet nostalgia of your favorite childhood bubblegum, but with a grown-up twist. Each pouch packs a punch with 6mg of nicotine per gram and 4mg per pouch – the perfect balance for those seeking an exhilarating kick without going overboard.

Pop, lock, and drop a pouch anytime, anywhere – with 20 pouches per can, you're armed and ready to tackle the day with a playful swagger. Whether you're conquering the urban jungle or navigating the icy terrains of your daily grind, Iceberg BubbleGum is your secret weapon for a burst of energy and a burst of flavor.

Warning: May cause spontaneous dance moves, contagious smiles, and an irresistible urge to share the joy. Dive into the frozen frenzy of Iceberg BubbleGum and let the Arctic vibes take you on a wild ride. Are you ready to break the ice?

Información Iceberg Bubblegum Medium

Marca Iceberg
Contenido Por Lata 12g
Tamaño de la Porción Slim
Concentración de Nicotina 4mg/bolsita
Bolsas Por Lata 20
Fuerza Ligera
Peso Por Bolsa 0.6g
Sabor Mezclado
Fabricante Neoptolem
País de Origen Polonia

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