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What are
Nicotine pouches?

Nicotine snus or the more common word, Nicotine pouches are a nicotine product with no tobacco that originates from Sweden.

The Swedes have for many years been consuming tobacco. In the form of small portions that are placed under the lip. This product is more known as “Snus”. The Nicotine pouch is a very different version fo the classic snus. The manufactures have successfully been able to extract the nicotine from the tobacco plant. With this, they made it possible to create a portion with different fillers, flavouring and of course nicotine. This new way of enjoying snus struck a chord amongst the Swedish audience. Since then nicotine pouches has embarked on a victorious expansion across the world.

Who are producing
nicotine pouches?

There are many companies In the business that manufactures nicotine snus. Swedish Match, British American Tobacco, AG Snus, Skruf Snus, Ministry Of Snus, Nordic Snus. And many more are all big providers of this product.

With a multitude of flavours to choose from, with different strength, both in nicotine level and taste. With these wast variations, you are sure to find your favourite.


What brands are available now?

Depending on where you are located, there are many brands to choose from.
Some of the prominent ones are.

LYFT | Shiro | ZYN | Nordic Spirit | Noon | ACE | White Fox | Skruf | on! | Different countries have regulations that can narrow down the selection of brands. Finland is one example where only 4mg nicotine per portion is allowed for consumers. There may be more countries in the future that will be more regulated.

What are the benefits compared to other nicotine products?

Using nicotine snus is simple to use and won’t bother your surroundings with dangerous smoke, as cigarettes do.

If you compare this to vape products, there are much less harmful chemicals in a nico pouch. Compared to what you will get from using a vape product. But the main advantage if you compare to tobacco products. Is the absence of the extremely harmfully substances that are in tobacco. So in short out of all tobacco and nicotine products out there.
Nicotine snus is by far the best and less harmful way to enjoy nicotine.



Using nicotine snus to stop smoking?

We have talked to many of our customers about this issue. What we have learned so far is that there are many success stories. Stories out there of people going away from cigarettes, to start using nicotine pouches instead.

One of the answers that stick out is how fast they change their habits. When we asked our customers of their personal reflections on the switch from tobacco to nicotine snus. Their answer ranged from feeling healthier, no bad smell both in their breath and on their clothes. No irritation in their throats and no more annoying their surroundings with smoke.

Is nicotine pods harmful?

Nicotine pouches include nicotine
which is a highly addictive substance and can be harmful when used in abundance.

There are studies on both benefits and dangers when using nicotine. So we recommend that if you have some form of a medical condition. You should always consult your doctor before using any form of nicotine products.

What is the manufacturing process like?

When manufacturing Nicotine pouches. There are many steps involved.
When the recipe of fillers and flavouring chemicals is ready.

The next step is to put it all together. This requires a slightly more complicated operation. Each portion string will be the basis for the finished product. Is being measured and inserted into a cellulose fibre tube. They are then sealed and cut apart from each other. The finished pouches are then packed into a plastic can. The next step is sealing the can with a lid. After that, the last step is that the cans are weighed and labelled.

What can be combined with a nico pouch?

Today the normal combination is nicotine with natural fillers. But there are a lot of exciting new and bold mixtures already available for consumers. For example, CBD and caffeine, Ginseng and many other fillers are being used. So the relevant question is, what cant be mixed in with a nicotine pouch?

What does the future
hold for nicotine snus?

There are many steps being made for a bright future for this product.
The first thing that is in focus is clear regulations, both for sale and wholesale.

The various lobbyists that work for the biggest developers. Is pushing for a broader understanding of all the benefits of nicotine pouches. And also, what the benefits are to move away from tobacco products, and get closer to nicotine pouches. With more developers and new brands coming every month, the future is looking brighter for each day.