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VELO Icy Cherry

Tantalizing taste of berries
VELO Icy Cherry

VELO Icy Cherry

Tantalizing taste of berries
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VELO Icy Cherry

VELO Icy Cherry – a refreshing creation from VELO, proudly crafted by BAT. This is not just any nicotine pouch; it's an All White Portion delight, also known as white snus. Embrace the sleek design that sets it apart from traditional snus products, ensuring a slimmer and more discreet experience.

Dive into the world of VELO Icy Cherry, where tobacco takes a backseat, but the exhilarating rush of nicotine steals the spotlight. This product is boldly labeled as strong, delivering an intense kick that nicotine enthusiasts crave.

VELO Icy Cherry: Flavor & Potency

Immerse yourself in the tantalizing taste of berries with VELO Icy Cherry. This All White Portion gem is categorized as strong, boasting a substantial 10 mg of nicotine per portion and 14.3 mg/g.

Slim Design for Subtle Enjoyment

Experience snusing like never before with the slim format of VELO Icy Cherry. This innovative design ensures a narrower profile compared to traditional snus products, providing a discreet fit that sits comfortably beneath your lip.

Elevate your nicotine experience with VELO Icy Cherry – where flavor meets strength in a sleek and satisfying package.

Information VELO Icy Cherry

Brand VELO
Content Per Can 14g
Portion Size Slim
Nicotine Strength 10mg/pouch
Pouches Per Can 20
Strength Strong
Weight Per Pouch 0.7g
Flavor Berry
Manufacturer BAT
Country Of Origin Denmark

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