I can not find my country in the list, can not I order?

No, unfortunately, we can not ship to this country at the moment.

Do you have a store where I can come and shop for your products?

No, we only sell our products online.

What is nicotine pouches?

Nicotine Pouches is the most recent alternative to portion snus. All White is completely TOBACCO FREE but contains nicotine. Nicotine Pouches are whole white nicotine portions that contain natural fibers from trees or herbs.

Is my payment safe?

We use Payson as one of the safest and most used online payment systems. Read more about Payson here. You can also use swish ( only customer with swedish banks). 

Do I have to pay customs duties on your products?

Regarding customs regulations and rules of entry for the country you wish to order, we can not help you at Whitepouches.com without referring to the rules of your country that you most easily find on the customs side of each country. Any fees such as customs duties and taxes will be paid by the recipient in your own country, and here you also have a personal responsibility as a customer. Whitepouches.com disclaims all responsibility from the possibility of solving or sending replacement goods if the goods have been seized in customs. Therefore, it is your final customer / buyer who is liable to pay taxes and customs duties and to keep an eye on any rules regarding this in your country according to their regulations.


How do you ship my products?

In most cases, you will get your products home to the door within 3 days. Yes, in fact, in 97% of all orders we ship, we can deliver from door to door within 3 business days around the world if we received your order before 12 noon local time (Saturdays and Sundays are in some countries/cities not delivery days and can therefore not be calculated in delivery time). We use one of the world's most famous freight companies. Following countries and places can have longer delivery time Malta, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Czech Republic.

If you use are new shipping method it will be at your door in 12-24hours. You will see all methods when you book your order.

For Malta we have same day delivery.

Could i track my order?

If you have not received your package within 3 days, please contact us and we will of course help you with this because we are fully aware of where your package is.

Can I undo an order that is already paid?

If you suddenly decided to stop using Nicotine Pouches or if you are going to have a mother-in-law visit, then it will be fine as long as the product is not shipped from us. But when we're faster than Zorro, you'll have a chance to chew for a while to alternatively send mother-in-law in a walk around the neighborhood when the delivery is outside the door.

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