About Nicotine Pouches


ZYN is for you who want an all-white and discreet nicotine experience with refreshing flavours. You can use ZYN whenever and wherever - Just put it under your upper lip!

ZYN is a series of nicotine products without tobacco. The all-white nicotine pouches are made to have a comfortable fit under the upper lip and do not stain teeth. ZYN comes in a variety of choices with different flavours, strengths, pouch sizes and textures. The Slim pouches are elongated and soft with low moisture while the Mini pouches are smaller with a dry texture.

ZYN is already a success in the USA and Sweden!

This product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance.

 Selected assortment of ZYN is available for shipment to Denmark, UK and Czech Republic.

ZYN is easy to use!       



LYFT is manufactured in an innovative, patented process. In our nicotine portions, you will only find the perfect composition of the ingredients, but we keep the proportions of the mix for ourselves.

Our whole white nicotine portions contain Scandinavian pine fibers and eucalyptus trees, water, nicotine extracted from tobacco and selected aromas.

Get effective stimulation through six flavors and two strengths.

Did you know that it is nicotine and not tobacco that delivers the stimulus? That is why LYFT gives you the same effect you know from snuff but without tobacco.


Skruf appeared in the Swedish market in 2003 and quickly became known as the sticker with white snus box. 

Skruf Snus was the company Skruf AB's first product line and the name comes from a small area in Småland, where the snus began to be manufactured, called Skruf. 

Skruf Super White are slimmed whole white portions made of plant fibers with no tobacco only nicotine.


Nordic Spirit meets today's modern expectations of a fresher and cleaner experience. Nordic Spirit is supplied in chalky white sachets that combine the best of the traditional snus with an innovative style completely free of tobacco.

Nordic Spirit tastes longer and gives a quick kick followed by a long-lasting, stable nicotine delivery. The soft and white sachets also run less and do not color the saliva as traditional snus.

Nordic Spirit is available in two well-balanced flavors and is produced in a patented process. The unique blend of natural plant fibers, nicotine, fresh flavored foods and a small amount of chewing gum base gives the pouch an optimal softness that is discreetly formed under the lip.

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